Detailed specifications of
Premium glazed boards
Mounting / posts :-
Wall mounted boards :- We do not drill mounting
holes so you decided where to fix. Free standing
boards come with 2400 - 2700mm posts painted to
match the board. Oak boards have engineered
hollow Oak posts, aluminium boards have painted
galvanised steel post.
Doors :-
Aluminium and Oak boards have aluminium door
frames. Oak boards have the door faced in Oak to
match the board, alumninium doors are painted.
Glazing :-
access option with knobs. The hinges are
stainless steel friction stays.
Installation :-
We do not install ourselves but this can be
arranged if required. Boards are supplied with
latch keys, fixing bolts ( post mounted only ),
touch up paint and instructions.
Open Access (non glazed)
boards :-
Specification as above minus door.
Polycarbonate is standard, safety glass is also
Lettering :-
The parish name is included in the price. Oak
boards have our cast embossed lettering,
Aluminium boards have selfadhesive vinyl
lettering. Logos are extra.
Pin board :-
Our standard is a grey matting, magnetic backs are
available at extra cost.
Paint Colours :-
Our woodwork is finished with high quality dark
or medium Oak semi transparent timber stain.
Aluminium boards are finished with enamel,
usually medium green. Other colours available.
Latches / hinges :-
Our latches/locks are non rusting and operated by allen keys ( two supplied ),
they are easily adjustable. We also offer a security option and a free public